Friday, 11 September 2009

Poor old trout

My father in law knows a fisherman who sometimes has a lucky day on the river and gives us the extra trout.  I defrosted one this morning for dinner tonight.  Now, usually, I'm pretty good at filleting fish.  Not professional, but pretty good.  But tonight?  Oh dear.  My filleting knife could have done with sharpening I think; I had real trouble sliding it along the spine and ended up with fillets plus extra bits that I trimmed off afterwards.  Not a very tidy job!

I popped the trout in tin foil, drizzled the fillets with honey (local honey from near Scarborough) and added a few flaked almonds before popping in the over at Gas Mark 6.  Meantime I steamed some new potatoes, carrots, leeks and runner beans to go with.

To add insult to injury to the butchered trout I then overcooked the trout and the runner beans were too woody to eat.  Oh dear, not my finest kitchen hour but it was edible!

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