Saturday, 12 September 2009

Carrot muffins with orange topping

What's not to love about carrot cake?  It's moist, sweet, packed with nuts and raisins and aromatic spices like nutmeg and cinammon.  And we all love cupcakes too, the decadence of a muffin case full of cake that's just for us topped with lashings of frosting.  Mmmm.  But so far I've been disappointed by recipes that claim to combine the too.  Until now!
In my vegbox this week from Riverford Organic, came a recipe idea for carrot muffins with orange topping.  Having a bit of a carrot glut I decided to give these a bash with a view to taking them to the 4th annual pagan picnic in Rowntrees Park, York tomorrow. I'm glad I did!  Just had a sneaky test cake (well the box I was going to take them in only held 9 cakes so we had one each!) and they're delicious.  Miniature carrot cakes, just sweet enough that even with a healthy dollop of cream cheese frosting they weren't too cloying.  The recipe is available here on the Riverford website.
Talking of cupcakes, if you've come across this blog looking for someone who can make you the most heavenly cupcakes for your wedding or other celebration, then can I point you to the beautiful (on the inside and the outside) ladies at Sweet Sugar Sixpence?

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