Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I wanted something bread like but more suited to my low carb desires and wheat free needs, so I went in search of a recipe for bread made with gram flour (chickpea flour).  One of the results that came up was this video from Manjula's Kitchen over on YouTube.  I watched it, and it looked simple and sounded really tasty so I made a batch for lunch; and thus started an addiction!  We've now had this recipe three ways, with butternut squash, onion and the courgettes as recommended in the original.  They are /so/ good.  Really flavourful and they have a great texture that is all comfort food whilst they're still prety virtuous on the dietry front.  I am going to experiment and add some grated apple and cinammon in place of the cumin and see how they are as a breakfast dish.

Manjula's husband is on to something when he wants to eat these every day!

A dosa cooking, they don't hang around long enough afterwards to photograph :)