Sunday, 13 September 2009

Onion Bhajis

I was a little stuck as to what to make for a savoury offering to the picnic we attended today, but decided I've have a go at onion bhajis.  I googled, and the first recipe I came up with was Chef Jorjeena's baked bhaji's made with buckwheat flour.  Allergy friendly too, what more could you ask for?

I cook with my netbook on the worktop in the kitchen beside me, and I found it a bit tricky to keep scrolling up and down between recipe and instructions, so keep this in mind when you give it a try!  The recipe was fairly straight forward and easy to understand though some of the advice like "Cut the onions in half then cut into slices, not too thick nor too thin." were a bit imprecise.  Nevertheless after a short while I had a batch ready for baking.  It didn't /look/ promising, being rather dark brown and gloopy but I had read a comment on the blog where another reader had found their buckwheat flour was a different colour, so I ploughed on.  After the stated cooking time they still looked a bit pale, so I flipped them and cooked them for the same amount of time again; probably 20 minutes on total.  Fresh out of the oven they were tasty.

We also had them the next day, cold at the picnic and they were good.  I'd definitely give this recipe another go, although I might try it with gram (chickpea) flour instead as I wasn't convinced the buckwheat added anything.

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