Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Oh but these cakes are divine.  I first had them when a lovely colleague of mine, when I was working out of The Healing Clinic, brought them in to celebrate her birthday.  Pure indulgence, moist, intensely chocolatey with the sensual treat of chunks of cherry floating around.  Mmmm.  The friend mentioned that they were a Nigella recipe, so the next time I needed to make something fabulous, I googled and lo, my google fu was mighty and I found the recipe on Nigella's webiste.

Fabulously easy to make, they can be put together with a single saucepan and minimal faff.  Within the hour you have the most incredibly tempting cupcakes calling "Eat me!  Eat me!" from your cooling rack.  A little while longer and they are topped with an indulgent ganache and anointed with cherries.  Sinful!

The only negative aspect of the cakes this time around came from the Green & Blacks cooking chocolate that I used for the frosting.  A huge amount of oil separated from the ganache and had to be poured off; I've never had this problem using cooking chocolate before I can only put it down to the brand.

And again I must say that if you've found this post because you are looking for someone to make cupcakes for your, for your celebration please take a look at the website of the lovely Sweet Sugar Sixpence ladies.

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