Monday, 13 July 2009


Croissants are something that I really miss since cutting wheat out of my diet some years ago. They do sell gluten free croissants, but they don't bear much resemblance to the rich, buttery, flaky and light wonder of a real croissant. I wondered if it was possible to make your own, and having had some success with the gluten free gobsmacked's sandwich wrap recipe I thought I'd try their take on croissants.

The recipe has quite a few stages to it,so I picked a Sunday when I'd have time to play with croissants on and off during the day. I used Dove's Farm plain flour mix rather than mixing my own blend, and used margerine rather than butter as I didn't have any butter in, but otherwise made it as listed. I think the margerine probably made it a little more difficult to handle as it was softer than butter, even when frozen. The rolling out and buttering was a particularly tricky stage, my pallet knife came in handy and they are not kidding when they talk about using lots of flour! I couldn't roll the pastry as thinly as suggested (see through) but it was pretty thin and difficult to roll into a croissant so they looked a bit tatty around the edges.

The result was tasty, but not a croissant :( Pastry like but not light and flaky. They had a cheesey flavour to them too, although they were very nice with a bit of chocolate rolled up. So overall a good GF breakfast bake, but a lot of faff to make and for me the result wasn't worth it. I might give them another try with butter in the future but it would have to be for a special occasion!

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